Welcome to the NUG Society community website

The NUG Society is an association which has its first meeting as NEC User Group in 1991. Ever since the meeting is held annually with its 34. iteration taking place in 2023 presented by the DWD in Germany. The topics have vary over the years but as the name is implying it is focused about products and solutions from the NEC Corporation. Nowadays the focus and experience exchange during the meetings is primary about Vector Computing, its possibilities and its application area. The annual meetings are a chance for members to exchange experiences over different fields of their daily work. From educational and research aspects ranging over automotive applications, weather forecast, crash simulations, simulations and calculation of medical research, aerodynamics, natural phenomenons and many more.

Besides that exchange of experience and presentations of various topics experts from NEC are giving insights about updates, trends, new technologies (Software and Hardware) as well as an outlook of upcoming plans and changes of the related products and services.

Please note that this is a members only website which requires login data provided by NUG.

The NUG Society is an association under Swiss Civil Law (ZGB) according to Article 60. NUG is a religiously and politically neutral non-profit organization. Its legal seat and headquarters is in Manno-Lugano, Switzerland.